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January 19-21  |  Virtual

Pitchfest 2024 has concluded with participants from 17 countries!

What is Pitchfest 2024?

Welcome to Pitchfest 2024, a cutting-edge virtual conference open to high school students that encourages participants to delve into emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain while showcasing their innovative ideas. Immerse yourself in a unique pitch competition, guided by insights from distinguished speakers, including a UPenn Wharton professor, multi-million dollar startup CEO, and Salesforce CTO. Seize the opportunity to explore creative solutions and compete for a prize pool of $2000 to advance the development of your groundbreaking innovations. Plus, registration is free!


Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

Registration opens

January 2

Registration closes

January 17 @ 11:59 PM

Opening ceremony + prompt released

January 19 @ 5:30 PM

Workshops begin + pitch preparation

January 20 all-day

Pitch presentations + awards

January 21 @ 9:00 AM

Cash Prizes.png

Cash prizes will be split amongst team members and can be replaced by an equal-value donation to a charity of their choice.




About the Speakers

charlie isaacs.png

Charlie Isaacs

CTO of Customer Connection, IoT at Salesforce

Charlie Isaacs, CTO of Customer Connection at Salesforce, is a seasoned tech leader with a strong focus on customer success. His expertise in IoT, Cloud Computing, and CRM has been instrumental in driving digital transformation for businesses. Beyond his executive role, Charlie actively contributes to the tech community, sharing valuable knowledge and insights. Charlie Isaacs is welcomed as a tech visionary contributing to the future of customer connection and digital transformation.

kartik hosanagar.png

Kartik Hosanagar

Professor of Technology and Marketing at UPenn Wharton

Professor Kartik Hosanagar is a distinguished expert in digital business, holding the title of John C. Hower Professor of Technology and Digital Business at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His groundbreaking research focuses on the profound impact of analytics and algorithms on consumers and society, solidifying his status as a leading voice in the digital economy. In addition to his academic achievements, Professor Hosanagar co-founded Yodle Inc., a significant player in the industry, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess. With a robust educational background from BITS and Carnegie Mellon University, Professor Hosanagar represents a fusion of academic excellence and entrepreneurial acumen.

dirk lueth.png

Dirk Lueth

CEO at Upland and Co-founder of OMA3

Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Uplandme, Inc., operates at the forefront of Silicon Valley as a seasoned entrepreneur and recognized authority in blockchain technology. Serving as the chairman of the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (OMA3), Dirk's influence extends far into the Metaverse. His insights have been shared at prestigious events, including the World Economic Forum in Davos 2023 and the Economist Metaverse Summit in CA, 2022. Dirk Lueth is welcomed as a visionary shaping the future of the digital economy and the Metaverse.

jeremy dela rosa.jpg

Jeremy Dela Rosa

CEO of a Stealth AI/Web3 Startup, Executive Coach, Writer

Jeremy Dela Rosa, Founder and CEO of multiple AI/Web 3 companies, brings two decades of experience, including a significant tenure at Blizzard, to the tech and gaming industry. His innovative approach is evident in Leyline, a blockchain company rewarding users for charitable deeds with in-game items and other goods. Jeremy Dela Rosa emerges as a trailblazer shaping the future of technology, gaming, and social impact.


Ron Hammond

Director of Governmental Relations at the Blockchain Association

Ron Hammond represents the Blockchain Association on Capitol Hill as the Director of Government Relations. Ron’s background in crafting a bipartisan crypto regulatory framework via legislation dates back to 2016 when he served as the Financial Services Policy Lead for Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-8). During Ron’s five years on Capitol Hill, he authored several pieces of legislation including the Token Taxonomy Act, the Federal Reserve Regulatory Oversight Act, and the Derivatives Fairness Act. Before coming to Capitol Hill, he was the campaign manager for three successful Texas State Senate races.

Pitchfest 2024 is sponsored by
Better Giving

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  • Is there a registration fee for participating in the GreenTech Challenge?
    No, participation in this event is completely free! Specific details on the event link and schedule will be provided to registered participants.
  • Can I compete both individually and as part of a team?
    Yes, you can compete individually or in a team of up to four members. Each team member must register individually through the form at
  • Are there any specific themes or industries for the pitches?
    The pitches is open to a wide range of ideas and industries. There are no specific themes, allowing participants to showcase innovative ideas across various sectors. The open-ended prompt will be released at the opening ceremony.
  • Can international participants join the GreenTech Challenge, or is it limited to the US?
    Yes, anyone and everyone around the world is encouraged to compete!
  • Are there any requirements for going to the same school or being in the same grade?
    Nope, your team may consist of whatever mix you see fit!
  • Can I make changes to my registration information after submission, such as adding team members?
    Yes, the registration form allows response editing so that you can add members to your team up until the day registration closes.
  • How will the pitches be judged?
    Pitch presentations will be limited to a maximum duration of 5-7 minutes. The pitches will be judged based on innovation, feasibility, presentation quality, and overall impact. The W3B team and our guest speakers will form the judging panel, collectively making a comprehensive decision.
  • Will there be opportunities for networking during the event?
    Yes, there will be networking opportunities during the event. Participants will have the chance to connect with fellow innovators, mentors, and potential collaborators.
  • How can I prepare for my pitch?
    Participants are encouraged to thoroughly prepare their pitches, focusing on key aspects like problem identification, solution, market potential, and execution strategy. Consideration of the judging criteria is essential for a successful pitch. Practicing as a team together is key!
  • Are there any technical requirements for participating in the virtual GreenTech Challenge?
    Participants will need a stable internet connection and access to Zoom for the virtual pitch sessions. Ensure that your devices meet the technical requirements for a smooth experience.
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