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Interested in starting an innovation club at your school? W3B will provide you with everything you need, from formation documents to club curriculum.

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Starting an innovation club sparks creativity, develops practical skills, and fosters networking opportunities. It provides a platform for real-world applications, prepares members for future careers, and offers a space for fun and engaging collaboration. A club's impact extends to technology, entrepreneurship, community contributions, and visibility, creating a dynamic environment for personal and professional growth.

Learn and teach innovation

W3B provides 20+ weeks of curriculum that make your job teaching easier. The curriculum is curated by our resource team who have spent years in the field.

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1. Register

Fill out the application form below.

2. Join Our Discord

All club communication goes through Discord. Join here.

3. Schedule a Meeting

After the steps above, we'll schedule a meeting to onboard your new club. We'll cover curriculum and formation materials, including our chapter affiliation guide.

Register Now
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Interested in joining the W3B community as a chapter?

Getting started is as easy as filling out the registration form below:

Your Details

Tell us a little more about yourself. The chapter president or representative officer should be the one filling out this form. We will be using your email to contact you after reviewing your registration form.

Club Details

We'll need some info about your club, school, and officers. If you haven't found an advisor yet, make sure you type "Looking" in the advisor field. All clubs must have an advisor and at least 4 officers including yourself.

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